Digital Caps Assessments 

to young people worldwide 

With Saving Grace Homeschool Assessments, Homeschoolers and Parents who are homeschooling their children without a formal curriculum provider can take Advantage of Digital CAPS Aligned Assessments.

Our state-of-the art online learning management system platform and Caps Curriculum, created by inspirational educators, are set to provide students in South Africa with Digital Caps Aligned assessments for grade R, primary, and senior phases.



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Saving Grace Homeschool is at the forefront of Online Homeschooling, offering digital assessments using the latest platforms and termly report cards to students.

Saving Grace Homeschool Assessments – Digital Caps Aligned Assessments 

We offer a world class learning management system that delivers Caps Aligned Assessments by highly qualified teachers to online homeschoolers around the globe. Our System is integrated with the Caps Aligned Assessments so that our students are connected with teachers all around the world.

Saving Grace Homeschool Assessments


Why Digital Caps Aligned Assessments?

Digital Caps Aligned Assessments have the power and the potential to transform the future prospects of every homeschooled student all around South Africa. It’s a system that opens possibilities and stretches horizons, giving every student greater access to quality assessments.


Parents/Tutors are able to evaluate students progress through our termly assessments and students will then be provided with a report card at the end of every term.

How Saving Grace Homeschool Assessments Works

Saving Grace Homeschool Assessments is perfect for informal homeschoolers who are not registered with a formal curriculum provider. We provide digital assessments that are formatted to align with a caps curriculum and give you the flexibility to write them at any time.

With direction from our annual planner and the topics to guide you, students who are homeschooling can register to write the the Digital CAPS Aligned Assessments. Upon registration at the end of every term, our technical team will give students access to the learning management system with uploaded assessments for them to complete.

Saving Grace Homeschool will mark all assignments and assessments done throughout the academic year.

Our assessment process with require students to use a laptop, tablet or computer with a webcam and internet connection as students must record themselves while writing their assessments via zoom.

Digital Caps Aligned Assessments

What You Need To Write A Digital Caps Aligned Assessment

It is essential that students have access to a functional laptop that has a webcam and a high-speed internet connection in order to log in to their learning management system and access their assessments.

Quality Digital Caps Aligned Assessments 
Anywhere Around The World


What parents and pupils say about us

Finding Saving Grace Homeschool Assessments was an answer to our prayers. As parents who were not registered with any formal curriculum provider due to financial constraints, I was worried that my children were not getting the best out of homeschool as I was not able to assessment them termly and felt like we were just carrying on blindly.

Registering my children for Saving Grace Homeschool Assessments meant that my children continued with homeschooling without a formal curriculum provider but could then get assessed at the end of the term and get a report card at the end of every term which was absolutely awesome.

The assessments are online which was great as there was no admin needed from my side such as printing and scanning, my kids just logged in, wrote and submitted their assessments.

Thank you to Saving Grace Homeschool Team